To SIL International, c/o Peter Constable,

As acting chairman I am pleased to inform you that the ISO 639 Registration
Authorities' Joint Advisory Committee (JAC) has approved to add an expert
representing SIL International to the JAC email mailing list as "liaison".
The appointment is not for a defined period of time, but the JAC will review
its membership at suitable intervals.

This letter is sent to Peter Constable, who has already been added to the
mailing list. However, it is up to SIL International to decide who they at
any time wish to have as their "liaison" representative.

The purpose of this action is to strengthen the expertise that is available
for the JAC to fulfill its mandate to develop alpha-2 and alpha-3 language
identifiers (currently ISO 639 parts 1 and 2). Also other aspects of
language coding will be discussed on the JAC mailing list, but it is outside
the scope of the JAC to make formal decisions on other issues (like language
variant coding, etc.).

Liaisons on the JAC email mailing list will be expected to participate in
the discussions on the list, and to involve other experts in their
organization when this seems appropriate. They will not be involved in the
voting process, which is handled by a different mailing list. They will also
not be called to JAC meetings.

The JAC's home page is found at

I trust that this letter will be forwarded to persons within the SIL
International organization.

I wish SIL International welcome to the JAC mailing list.

Best regards,
Håvard Hjulstad

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