To members and observers of JAC,

Below please find a submission for an alpha-2 identifier for Hawaiian
(alpha-3 identifier is "haw").

I don't have very much to add to the very thorough submission below. The
proposal seems to be well documented.

Had the submission been for an alpha-3 identifier, there would probably not
been any problem. However, will it be in place to assign an alpha-2
identifier to this language?

They are requesting "hw", which is available. (Used identifiers starting
with "h": ha he hi ho hr hu hy hz.)

I find the last sentence of the submission rather "curious": "We have hired
programmers to assist us, and they have found it problematic to get support
for our language with the lack of the alpha 2 code." I will write back to
the submitter. However, the response to that will be on a different level
than the decision we need to make.

Any discussion before we vote?

Håvard Hjulstad

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Subject: New ISO 639-2 code

This data was submitted on: Friday, April 19, 2002 at 14:03:54

lang_in_eng = Hawaiian
lang_in_fre = hawaïen
ref_where_found_1 = ISO639-2 reference
lang_in_vern = 'olelo Hawai'i
ref_where_found_2 = The Hawaiian Dictionary, Revised and Enlarged Edition,
Dr. Samuel Elbert and Mary Kawena Puku'i
trans_lit =
evidence = Hale Kuamo'o is the Hawaiian Language Center for the state of
Hawai'i. We have several hundred books in print, including specialized word
lists and dictionaries with new terms created for math, science, technology,
sports and other fields. We also have an archive of nearly 125,000 newpaper
pages in the Hawaiian language, and participate in the printing of the "Ka
Ho'oilina," a new academic journal with modernized versions of older text,
including scholarly contributions by university professors and native
speakers of our language.
addinfo = Estimates vary from 8-12,000 speakers of the language, with the
number growing dramatically with growing interest in the language. Hawaiian
is an official language for the state of Hawai'i, legally the equal of
English, as mandated by the State of Hawai'i constitution. It is
predominantly spoken in Hawai'i, though there are a handful of speakers who
have moved to the US mainland or abroad.
request_addition = ISO 639-1 and ISO 639-2
2_code_suggestion = hw
3_code_suggestion = haw (already exists)
submit_name = Keola Donaghy
submit_email = [log in to unmask]
submit_status = Speaker of language, academic, instructor, Media and
Telecommunications Director for Hale Kuamo'o, the Hawaiian Language Center
at the University of Hawai'i at Hilo.

Please note that we are aware that a 639-2 code does exist, and are
requesting only a 639-1 code. We have hired programmers to assist us, and
they have found it problematic to get support for our language with the lack
of the alpha 2 code.