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Subject: Re: New ISO 639-1 identifier ? - Hawaiian

JAC made a promise and set a policy, and we developed our standard
with faith in that promise. I am not very impressed to see you keep
wanting to change this.

<HHj> If "you" is me, you haven't seen me break the "promise" yet (although
I don't think that "promise" is a suitable expression for the decision in
question). I am merely doing my job as acting chair of the committee:
Letting people discuss the issue. -- If "you" is all of us, we also haven't
broken any "promise". </HHj>

I say that holding the ballot at all would be invalid because it
violates the agreed principles.

<HHj> No, Michael. The JAC is free to vote on anything at any time, and as
many times as it likes. Just as anyone is free to keep proposing alpha-2
identifiers. It just isn't necessary to stop the process. If you have any
faith in the process and the people who are asked by the proper bodies to
take care of the process, there should be no danger.</HHj>

You are asking to wreck the entire thing, and to jeopardize internet
data, and we argued this over and over again before the JAC decided
to take a decision, and now you are trying to overturn that decision.
That is wrong, Håvard. It is wrong.

<HHj>Say that once more, and it might become true ...?? NO, I am not trying
to wreck anything. And nothing will be wrecked as long as a proper
democratic process is allowed to function.</HHj>