Just a reminder that affiliation information is temporal, so is not used
in authorized forms of names, but is sometimes used in authority records
for very useful background information. - Barbara

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>2. Your point is well taken about delimiting dates. I guess you would
>to use a technique for anything that isn't really part of the name. If
>used <component> that may not be enough to distinguish what is the
>and what is the date or other element, since it would be used to
>subdivide each portion (at least that's how it's used under
corporate). Is
>there a different tag we could use that would denote anything that
>shouldn't be considered part of the name?

I see us moving into an era of less authority control and more
There will be a need for information beyond the author's name -- as an
example, see the use of "affiliation" in scientific bibliography, which
a multiplicity of purposes, but one of them is that it helps identify
author whose name is probably not distinct. We tend to use the date,
there are also titles. These are modifiers on the name, and therefore
could have a "date" element in the way that we have an "affiliation"
element, although I have to admit that I don't understand how
is intended to be applied in mods since it is defined outside of the
personal name area but appears to restrict itself to 100 & 700 $u.


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