> I wanted to expand a little on my previous message, since I
> didn't have time yesterday.  I'm _proposing_ that all MODS
> elements use a conceptual content model of:
>   <!ENTITY % creatorRefinement "">
>   <!ELEMENT creator (#PCDATA%creatorRefinement;)>

I like the idea in concept of supporting a layered approach to MODS data.
This supports various levels of users.  I particularly like the "least
common denominator" approach of pulling all of the "text" data out of a top
level element.  I'm assuming that the rule would be that no matter how you
structure your sub-elements that all field text would be in "least common
denominator" order.

I still like the idea of a "display form" element to distinguish between
sorting and display versions of a field. How would that affect the idea of
pulling all "text" data from a field?  For example:

        <displayForm>Mottram, Geoff</displayForm>

Collapsing this name field would be somewhat problematic.

Geoff Mottram