I must admit after reading this thread a few times it doesn't appear everyone is
talking about the same thing (and it seems to cross subjects, making it harder to
understand).  Anyway, Cilla's two questions are clear so I'll address those.

Priscilla Caplan wrote:

> First, isn't it the "type" attribute of the MODS <name> element that
> carries the information "personal", "corporate", "conference"?   The "role"
> attribute is for something quite different, the role of the named entity in
> relation to the object.


> Second, what's the party line on using URI's as attribute values?  I don't
> believe this is accomodated in the current schema.

Depends on the party, but LC's (current) position is to try to keep to controlled
vocabularies (i.e. enumerated values) where applicable, which would mean URIs are