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Just saw this on the WWWEDU list and thought you'd be interested:

"National History Day (NHD) is pleased to announce The History Channel
Award for Outstanding Contribution in History Education. The award, sponsored
by The History Channel, will be presented to an individual who has made an
outstanding contribution to history education through service to the National History Day program. The winner will receive $3,000, a television, VCR and a video library for their school. The deadline is May 15, 2002.

To be eligible, the individual must be a participant in the National History
Day program and may be a teacher, media specialist, district or state
History Day coordinator, judge or other volunteer. For nomination
information call 301-314-9739 or visit the NHD web site at

NOTE about the URL above....  This site uses frames, making it impossible to link directly to this page in the website and keep you within the context of the site.  In addition, if you go straight to this URL, you won't be able to use links in the navigation bar on the bottom of the page to move around the site and find out more.

To get to the award page AND be able to look at other parts of the website, go to:

This is the Educators portion of the primary (left-hand) table of contents.  In the second table of contents (to the right of the primary), select Educator Awards.  Outstanding History Educator Award will be the top article with a link to the page referenced above.

In my humble (and totally biased) opinion, all fellows qualify for this award!
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