FLICC/FEDLINK is pleased to announce the first cybercast of its Spring
Membership and OCLC Users Group Meetings.  (For program details, please
see the online meeting announcements: - Membership Meeting; - OCLC Users Group

On Thursday, May 9 at 9:00 a.m., point your browser to
http:\\\cybercast\may.html and watch the proceedings.
(This URL will not be available until the morning of the 9th.)


The minimum requirements for the cybercast are an Internet connection
and browser.  To view the cybercast, you will need at least RealPlayer 8
or the latest version of Real One to view the cybercast.  The newer
version is still free and available via the Web site.  For more
information visit

In preparation for the FLICC Forum Cybercast, TEST YOUR SYSTEMS VIEWING
OPTIONS.  To do so, try to view any of the videos already available on
the FLICC Website's Online Educational Video Library
(  If you can view these
videos, you will be able to view the cybercast.

The cybercast will use executable files that may cause conflicts and
internal errors with your local firewalls. If your system limits your
Internet use, you may have difficulty accessing the broadcast.  Please
contact your IT/automation professionals for assistance with any local
restrictions or firewalls.

We will update the cybercast Web page if we experience any broadcast
problems.  If you tested your system successfully and have technical
difficulties receiving the cybercast on the day of the event, please
call (202) 707-4800 and ask for a cybercast technician.

We hope you can join us for this premier cybercast!