Well, I'm just going to put my foot in it and see what happens.

I've got my SRW server delivering up an explain (lowercase e) record when it
is sent an empty query.

I have invented my own explain record.  Not because I disapprove of the
ZeeRex work, but because I'm trying to understand my own requirements first.
I'm hoping the Explain folks will show me how to transmute my record into a
ZeeRex record.

If either community spots things that I'm missing, let me know.

The record is pretty simple.  It starts with some administrative poop.  The
name of the database, the base URL that gets you to the database and an
email contact.  It should probably include the size of the database and its
latest update date.  I'm sure the Explain folks have more.

After the admin stuff comes the list of supported record schemas.  For each
schema is its name and urn.

Next come index sets.  Each index set has a name (the prefix) and a urn.
Within each index set is a list of the supported indexes from that set.

Finally comes the defaults section.  Default values for all the search
parameters are specified as well as the default record schema, default index
set (what happens when an index prefix is not provided) and the default
index (which happens to come from a different index set than the default
index set.)

Have at it!


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<searchRetrieveResponse xmlns="urn:z3950:ZNG_Prototype1">
                <database name="ETDCAT Something about a Dissertation
                        A subset of the 3.5 million dissertation records in
OCLC's WorldCat database
                <adminEmail url="mailto:[log in to unmask]" />
                        <recordSchema name="dc"

                        <indexSet name="zxd"
                                <index name="title" />
                                <index name="titleWords" />
                                <index name="author" />
                                <index name="authorWords" />
                        <indexSet name="bath"
                                <index name="title" />
                                <index name="author" />
                                <index name="subject" />
                        <indexSet name="utility"
                                <index name="all" />
                        <startRecord value="1" />
                        <maximumRecords value="10" />
                        <recordSchema name="dc" />
                        <indexSet name="zxd" />
                        <index name="utility.all" />