Error during command authentication.

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On Tue, May 14, 2002 at 08:16:55AM -0400, LeVan,Ralph wrote:
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> > That's bad behaviour, I think,...
> Well, the different toolkit that I'm using for the server is not at all
> offended by the client's behavior.

I think there was some issues here depending on if your toolkit used WSDL
or not. If the toolkit understood a WSDL file, the actual element names
were much less important in many places. It could just use the WSDL file
and ignore the names of many of the elements in the packet. If the toolkit
did not use a WSDL file (SOAP does not require it), then those toolkits
depended on the element names being correct and meaningful. It all felt
a little ugly to me when I played with SOAP last time.

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