I think this is a good move.  Thanks Ray,


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Subject: bath prefix for cql

In order to move along and provoke discussion, I'm
proposing that we define a well-known cql prefix
for Bath searches.

We can continue to debate whether prefixes must
always be discoverable by explain, and the way I
see it, some will, and others will be well-known.
Thus for example, if Ralph really has a Deep
Custard prefix, then he would speak up when DC is
proposed as a well-known prefix (and we would
agree not to make DC well-known).

I'm suggesting a well-known prefix, "bath".
(Speak up if you want to otherwise use bath as a

I've attached a number of searches  (19) derived
from Bath.

Please comment on this; if it looks ok I'd like to
put it up on the srw page; we need to get
concrete/real examples up soon.