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>> Sent: Thursday, May 16, 2002 11:32 AM
>> SRU and SRW should remain as much as possible identical.
>> There is no need to make a distinction between SRU and SRW
>> because in SRU one can do the same as in SRW by means of XSL
>> plus Javascript.
>Does this mean that the entire discussion of unprefixed indexes has been
>pointless because the clients could always have put a prefix on them?

No, certainly not, the discussion was on the use of prefixes and I never suggested that SRU was not able to add a prefix. In general I have stated several times that there is no reason at all to make a distinction between SRU and SRW. In the combination of Javascript, HTML and XSL  you can do all you want, because you are not depending on a toolkit and its limitations.