Although I would be interested in a SRW/U meeting, I can not make it July 11 or 12 and besides I'm not sure about funding to join that meeting.


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We need to firm up a plan to bring the SRW/U
specifications to version 1.0, i.e an
"implementation spec" along the lines of the OAI
model, where the spec is frozen for a period of
time (e.g. 6 months), people implement it and
test, and during that period defects are found and
applied to a subsequent version 1.1 which becomes
the real first version.

I like to see a version 1.0 by end-of-summer or
early autumn. To achieve this we should consider
having a meeting.

I am tentatively holding July 11 and 12 for a
meeting here in DC. I've spoken privately with a
few of the more active implementors and July 11-12
seems to work well.

Who on this list would be interested in coming to
such a meeting, and among you, who can make it
July 11-12?

Who among you thinks that a meeting might be
un-necessary, and that we should proceed to try to
work out these specs via email?  Or perhaps by
putting if off a month (say, late August) the
meeting might be more productive (or better, we
might find out that we don't need it)?

In any case if the meeting is to be held July
11-12 we need a firm decision by early next week.