Integrating Resources:
A one day course on Integrating Resources workshop
is currently under development as part of SCCTP.
Steve Miller, University of Wisconsin, is
developing the course.  It it being designed so
that it can either cover all integrating
resources, including loose-leafs, or so that it
can focus on electronic: databases and Web sites.

Plans are to develop the course over the summer
and fall, test in late fall or early winter, and
have a train-the-trainer session at ALA in
Philadelphia.  Release would be scheduled for
March 1.  To facilitate getting this done in a
short time frame, Jean has asked for volunteers
from SCCTP trainers and I would like to call for
expressions of interest from BIBCO Liaisons to
test the module within his/her institution.
Please let me ([log in to unmask]) know if you would be
interested in giving the test session.

Watch this space for announcements and details of
the Train-the-Trainer session at Midwinter;
however, be aware that in volunteering for that
training a commitment will need to be made to
train in an "at-large" venue not just other BIBCO
libraries.  More details to follow as plans

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Ana Lupe Cristán
Cooperative Cataloging Specialist/BIBCO
Library of Congress, LM 537
Cooperative Cataloging Team
Washington, DC 20540-4382
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