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In response to concerns raised by our colleagues
and constituents, I have determined that the
Library of Congress will delay implementation of
AACR2 Amendments 2002 until December 1, 2002.

We are postponing from the previously-announced
September 1, 2002,
date due to the delay in the publication of the
amendments package by
ALA Publishing and concerns expressed from
constituents about adequate
time needed to schedule training before
implementation.  We had chosen the September
implementation date to accommodate requests for LC
to implement
as soon as possible.  The additional lead time
should give the various communities
that will adopt the new Amendments sufficient time
to prepare.

Revisions to the Library of Congress Rule
Interpretations related to the
amendments package will be published in late
summer.  Discussions are still
ongoing about LC and Program for Cooperative
Cataloging practice for a few
rules; I want LC practice and PCC practice to be
harmonized.  Information
related to bringing these practices into alignment
will be available on the Web
site of LC's Cataloging Policy and Support Office,
with links to the PCC Web
site, in August.  This information will then be
included in the fall update to the
Library of Congress Rule Interpretations.

Any further concerns should be addressed to me
([log in to unmask]) or to the Cataloging Policy and
Support Office ([log in to unmask]).

Beacher Wiggins
Director for Cataloging
Library of Congress
posted by A. Cristán