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Dear Colleagues:

The current GPO binding contract is due to expire at the end of
January.  During the last couple of years, FLICC/FEDLINK staff has heard
that federal libraries have experienced problems with the current
vendor.  A task force of the FLICC Preservation and Binding Working
Group will be working this summer and fall on reviewing the contract to
provide suggestions to GPO as they prepare to issue a new contract.  The
task force is very interested in hearing from you about your experiences
with the current vendor (Mid Atlantic Bookbindery).  Are you satisfied
with the quality of the work?  Is the work delivered on time?  Do the
invoices arrive in time for you to pay them on time?  Any other comments
about the current contract or vendor are welcome.

The task force would also like to know how many of you in the
Washington, DC metropolitan area have gotten a waiver from using the GPO
contract.  What was involved in getting the waiver?

Task force members are Carolyn Bazarnik, Dept. of Justice;  Vicky
Crone, Air Force History Support Office;  Dolores Fairbanks, Dept. of
State;  Anne Harrison, FEDLINK;  Werner Haun, Library of Congress;  and
Jean Hort, Navy Dept. Library.

Please send your comments to the list or to me directly.

Thank you very much.

 - Anne

Anne Harrison
FEDLINK Program Specialist
Library of Congress
101 Independence Ave. SE LA 217
Washington, DC  20540-4935
202-707-4834  Fax: 202-707-4828
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