[Moderator's note:  I am posting this message at the request of Denise
Davis of NCLIS.  NISO is seeking comments from all types of libraries,
including federal libraries, on this draft standard for library
statistics.  I encourage you to take a look at the draft and provide the
committee with your feedback, so that the perspective of federal
libraries will be represented in the final standard.  Thanks.  Steve]

Library Statistics Data Dictionary (NISO Z39.7-2002 Draft Standard for
Trial Use)

Making comments to this draft standard
                Committee AY appreciates and very much looks forward to
comments.  NISO has prepared a standards-wide comments site,

                Comments will be accepted for a period of 12 months,
2002-June 2003.  Interim revisions of this Draft Standard will be made
available on the NISO website.  Revisions will be sequentially
(2202a, 2002b, etc.).  Revisions will be noted in "red" type within the
current draft.

                Specific comments for Z39.7-2002 Library Statistics
Standard for Trial Use should go in the text box in Step 2, labeled
could this NISO Standard be improved in terms of its presentation,
readability, application, etc.?"

                Guidance on comments include:

                        *       Please be as specific as possible in
guidance, making sure to note the location of the definition, etc. as
appropriate (e.g., 2.1.8 Reporting Unit and Primary Target Population,
Library Cooperative).
                        *       Comments regarding to additions to the
standard, please indicate the preferred "section" within the existing

                        *       Do not attempt to recommend the precise
category or subcategory location of the additions.  That will be the
work of
the committee.
                        *       Comments regarding the design or
of the data dictionary may be presented in two ways.
                                o       Under Step 2 as a bulleted
How would you rate this NISO Standard in terms of:
                                o       Or, in the text box labeled
could this NISO Standard be improved in terms of its presentation,
readability, application, etc.?"  Please be as specific as possible
noting the section, category, subcategory of the comment).

                For those interested in helping the revision committee,
in working with NISO on other standards, please be sure to complete
section labeled
                "Would you be interested in working on revisions to
NISO Standard or on other NISO Standards in the same area?"

Using the Library Statistics Data Dictionary (LSDD)
        There are a variety of navigation options within the LSDD,

                *       Keyword searching within the full data
                *       Linking to specific categories, sections and
subsections within the full data dictionary via the Table of Contents
                *       Browsing alphabetically in the Index to the
Document <>

The format of this standard is by section, category, and then by
subcategory. Sections are broad in perspective, categories provide
precise divisions within a section, and subcategories provide the most
specific division within a section. The categories and subcategories
organized alphabetically, to the extent possible. E-metrics are
arranged as
categories or within subcategories as appropriate.  The six sections,
including brief descriptions, are:

Reporting Units
Describes types of libraries, the entity that has administrative or
budgetary control, and the populations served by each. Staffing is
under section "Human Resources".

Human Resources <>
Describes all levels of staffing associated with each library type.

Describes broad collection categories in all formats.

Describes facilities, including capacity, technology, and hours open.

Describes broad categories of revenue (e.g., income) and expenditure by
and source.

Describes broad categories of services provided by libraries, as well
other metrics associated with understanding library use both tangible

In addition to formal sections, there are five appendices:
Appendix A: Methods of Measurement

Appendix B: Measuring the Use of Electronic Library Services
Appendix C: Measuring Public Library Networked Services: Preparing
Library to Collect Network Statistics
Appendix D: References in Developing the Z39.7-2002 Revision
Appendix E: National and International Efforts Regarding Electronic

Thank you for your interest in the current revision of this standard.
look forward to your observations and comments.

Committee AY