I have a second Mets question here.

In the OAIS Reference Model and the literature derived

from it, there is frequent reference to 'information packages',

which comprise content information and preservation

description information, 'encapsulated and identifiable'

by the packaging information.  In more recent literature,

one hears of 'wrapping' digital objects.

I have some difficulty translating this high level conceptual

description into concrete applications.  To give you an

idea where I am coming from, here are a couple of possible

implementations, as I interprete this terminology:

a) Adding metadata to the header of an HTML or XML document

b) Taking an information object (the target information) and

'wrapping' it in a zip or tar file, along with the metadata

c) Creating a link from the metadata record to the target

object, such that the object is access via the record and is in

that sense (conceptually) wrapped by the metadata.

I am posing this question to the METS list because I am particularly

interested in realizing this implementation within a METS


Thanks again,

Andrew Hubbertz

University of Saskatchewan Library


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