On Tue, 25 Jun 2002, Ana Lupe Cristan wrote:

> It was announced recently that the Bibliotheque
> nationale de France had
> made its Rameau authority files available on the
> web.
> cf.
> Is there an authorized way to cite this authority
> file?
> Possibilities:
> Bibl. nat. de France name auth. file via WWW,
> [date] $b (hdg.: ...)
> Rameau, [date] $b (hdg.: ...)
> Autorites BnF, [date] $b (hdg.:
> Autorites RAMEAU, [date] $b (hdg.: ...)

Humble opinions ...

I would favor the last option, adding the acute accent in the 1st word.
While I'm not sure of the rules for capitalizing acronyms in French, I
like the capitalized form better just to convey the idea of an "entity".
"WWW site" might be helpful to a record
user not exposed to the database to explain where he/she might find it.
Presumably, 670-like information might need to be cited, too, so we might
think about how that would be done.

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