I would like to see a meeting as early as possible, especially to finalise
CQL.  Perhaps at the end of the first day a summary email could be sent to
the list and those who cannot be present could phone in early the next day
for comment if desired or they could just send a reply email to the list.
I'm thinking in particular of Alan - he would be 14 hours ahead of DC time
so 9:00 would be 23:00.


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Subject: Meeting Decision

I think the consensus (although from a very small
opinion-population) is that we should hold a
meeting rather than try to come to closure via

However I don't know whether people think that
July 11-12 is an optimal time. (I don't mean
logistically --  that's the date we've settled on
if we have the meeting any time in the next two
months.)  Nobody's offered an opinion on that.

What I mean is: (1) can we get enough done in the
next month so that a meeting July 11-12 will be
productive, or (2) would it be better to continue
to work through these specifications via email
until, say, late August, and then have a meeting?

Sorry to drag this out. I'd like to hear opinions
that focus on this question alone (not "yes, I'll
come if you have the meeting"), even from those of
you who would not attend. We'll decide by tomorrow
or Thursday. As of now, we'll go with the July
11-12 date unless there are opinions to the