I havent been very active on this in awhile but if you offered me an
invitation to this i could make it for the 1st day July 11 - i think i
need to be in Boston on July 12th


On Thu, 30 May 2002, Ray Denenberg wrote:

> We need to firm up a plan to bring the SRW/U
> specifications to version 1.0, i.e an
> "implementation spec" along the lines of the OAI
> model, where the spec is frozen for a period of
> time (e.g. 6 months), people implement it and
> test, and during that period defects are found and
> applied to a subsequent version 1.1 which becomes
> the real first version.
> I like to see a version 1.0 by end-of-summer or
> early autumn. To achieve this we should consider
> having a meeting.
> I am tentatively holding July 11 and 12 for a
> meeting here in DC. I've spoken privately with a
> few of the more active implementors and July 11-12
> seems to work well.
> Who on this list would be interested in coming to
> such a meeting, and among you, who can make it
> July 11-12?
> Who among you thinks that a meeting might be
> un-necessary, and that we should proceed to try to
> work out these specs via email?  Or perhaps by
> putting if off a month (say, late August) the
> meeting might be more productive (or better, we
> might find out that we don't need it)?
> In any case if the meeting is to be held July
> 11-12 we need a firm decision by early next week.
> --Ray