"LeVan,Ralph" wrote:

> So, the client bids for a
> sessionID in a request and gets one (probably with a TTL (Time To Live)
> value like resultSetID's).

1.What does "client bids" mean? (in terms of SRW/U)
2. If the client doesn't "bid" then the server doesn't supply a session id?
3. If the client bids and the server doesn't support sessions, it ignores the
4. What's the relationship between a result set ttl and a session id ttl?  If
the session times out, do all of the result sets created in that session
automatically time out regardless of their ttl?

> The sessionID will be used in subsequent
> responses.

5.  And requestS, too (for that session)  I presume?

> (It would be polite if the server ignored the bid if it was
> accompanied by a sessionID.

6.  Huh?

Thanks. --Ray