There is no reason to assume that SRU confuses things. I do not think people are going to type in queries as URL's (although I sometimes do). The only thing that is important for SRU is that we keep the parameters URL friendly so that we do not need an extra level of escape sequences and that we keep them short.


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> > If we have (persistent) result set names, do we still need session 
> > ids?
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> > --Ray
> One unanswered question to me (it might have been decided 
> already sorry): who invents result sets names? If the server 
> just generates them, is there any obligation for the name to 
> be sensible? If a user is going to use in a follow up query, 
> then it should be sensible shouldn't it?

They are generated by the server. If this isn't clear in the current
doc.s then it should be.

Result set name is probably a misnomer - what this actually is, is a id
for referencing the result set in order to maintain state. It isn't
meant to be a nice easy name presented to the user! At the end of the
day (although SRU used with thin clients and XSLT confuses the issue
slightly) this is an on the wire protocol not a user interface