> I'm not someone with expertise in SSL, but I know that there
> are several SOAP clients that don't support SOAP over secure sockets.

Really - such as? As security is becoming more important in the marketplace
(or at least security fears) and there are quite a few toolkits out their
making SSL not that difficult to implement, I suspect the majority and the
successful toolkits will all support some level of https/ssl (if they don't
already) fairly soon.

> There's also basic authentication which can be used however.
> (eg http://name:pass@host:port/path )

I note that my WSDL spec unilaterally states "Encryption: If encryption is
required use SOAP over https. Authentication: If authentication is required
use http authentication." (i.e. the form as above) but of course that only
applies to SOAP over http (wouldn't work too well for SOAP over smtp for