Dear Fellows,

We had a very interesting meeting with a group from PBS recently. It
is quite possible that the Library will collaborate with them on some
upcoming projects. In this collaborative spirit, we were asked to
share this request with you all:

>Ken Burns wants to hear from you...
>Beginning September 22, 2002, PBS will rebroadcast The Civil War, the
>landmark series by Ken Burns with a new companion web site and we are
>looking to you for help.  Do you use The Civil War and others from the
>Burns collection in your classroom?  Tell us how!  We want to post your
>favorite lessons and activities on the site as well as other creative ways
>you have incorporated PBS video into your curriculum.  Please submit your
>ideas along with your name and school contact information to
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Respond to the e-mail address above, if this is of interest :-)


Leni Donlan
The Learning Page
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