Stephen is correct in that

../preceding-sibling::*//DID[CONTAINER[@type='box']=$box-number] does meet
both tests.  Chalk it up to my early learning curve.

actually I believe that

return the same node set.  For a c02, the only preceding sibling that would
have a did child or descendant would be another c02.   I wonder if the later
is marginally faster, being more specific.

More importantly, there is a simpler syntax for the whole test, not just
this part of it, that will be used in the next version of the Cookbook.
Unfortunately I do not have it before me at the moment but will post it


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Looks to me like //did/[etc] is going to match those dids who are children
of c02-nested c03s, c04s et seq. I'm not sure, however, why the axis
"preceding-sibling::c02" is there (but, not being familiar with the cookbook
stylesheets, I don't know what node the template from which this snippet is
from is matching). At first blush, and without testing, might not
../preceding-sibling::*//DID[CONTAINER[@type='box']=$box-number]) fulfill
both conditions?


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At 06:03 PM 7/21/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>Deconstructing  EAD style sheets,
>Looking at the  cookbooks style sheets, I am trying to understand some
>of the XPaths.
>For example:
>When deciding to display a box number or not, we want to know if it has
>changed from
>the preceding sibling, so we use logic like this:
>or ../preceding-sibling::C02//DID[CONTAINER[@type='box']=$box-number])">
><xsl:call-template name="showbox-C02-box" />
><xsl:call-template name="hidebox-C02-box" />
>"If not (the preceeding c02 node has a did child, which has a container
>child whose type is box and value = box number)
>then show the box number,
>otherwise hide the box"
>But the second condition, where we have the "//"  (any descendant), I
>don't quite get,
>"If the preceeding C02 has any did child at any level with a matching
>container type box value" --
>Is it possible for this expression to be true for some "did" 's, but
>they don't immediately
>preceed this one, so we should show the box number anyway?
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