The logic of this template is two-fold

1.   To suppress the display of box numbers and column headings when the box
number has appeared previously  but
2.   to display the box number and column heading at the beginning of each
new c01 even if it has previously been displayed with an earlier component
in the dsc.

To do one or the other seemed simple but to do both appeared complex when
this stylesheet was first written about 3 years ago (a lifetime in this

The problem is the limitation of the preceding axis.

If one only wanted to achieve goal number one, there are several options.


or more directly


But neither of these satisfies goal number 2.

What is needed is a way to intersect the ancestor::c01 axis and the
preceding::container axis.  This is possible in XSLT 2 or XPath 2, I forget
which, and may laready have been implemented in Saxon.

Michael Kay finally broke the iced with this solution that does both and
which I have incorproated into the the next generation of the EAD Cookbook
stylesheets, to wit,


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Deconstructing  EAD style sheets,
Looking at the  cookbooks style sheets, I am trying to understand some
of the XPaths.
For example:
When deciding to display a box number or not, we want to know if it has
changed from
the preceding sibling, so we use logic like this:

or ../preceding-sibling::C02//DID[CONTAINER[@type='box']=$box-number])">
<xsl:call-template name="showbox-C02-box" />
<xsl:call-template name="hidebox-C02-box" />

"If not (the preceeding c02 node has a did child, which has a container
child whose type is box and value = box number)
then show the box number,
otherwise hide the box"
But the second condition, where we have the "//"  (any descendant), I
don't quite get,
"If the preceeding C02 has any did child at any level with a matching
container type box value" --
Is it possible for this expression to be true for some "did" 's, but
they don't immediately
preceed this one, so we should show the box number anyway?
I  "express" my thanks in advance,

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