May be it would be useful the EAD Spanish version, published a year ago

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Salut Jean-Marc,

The French National Archives, AFNOR, CNRS, Le Louvre, etc...are working on a
French version of the EAD... for an update email:
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It seems to me the final version is not ready yet!
You may work on the actual version ... the English one!

Karim Boughida

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hi list,

Thanks for all,

I find, with you, all what I need for work.


Jean-Marc NAHON

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You can try which is the URL for the EAD
help pages then go to  EAD Files (DTD & Documentation) which leads to the
DTD, Tag Library and Application Guidelines.


At 10:28 AM 7/30/02 +0200, you wrote:
>Hi list,
>I work in French, I'm begin with XML and DTD EAD.
>I'm first want to download DTD of EAD, could you give me url .
>I'm looking for the text rules of EAD, in french or in english.
>Jean-Marc NAHON
>38 Rue F. ARAGO
>ZI du Phare
>33700 mérignac


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