Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who has taken the time answer the reengineering finding aids survey at: 

So far, the response rate has been excellent.  I could still use more responses, however, and would appreciate the help of anyone who hasn't yet answered.  

One point of clarification:  although it might not have been too clear because of the word "reengineering" in the title, I constructed the survey so that new finding aids could be accounted for as well.  So if you're only encoding new finding aids -- or if you're generating finding aids from other representations such as catalog cards -- you can still indicate this through the survey.  I'm as interested in approaches to standardization in new finding aids as I am for older ones!

If you have made any effort meant to standardize your archival description and/or surrogates according to national/international standards for the purposes of accessibility, you should be able to complete this survey.

If you'd like to take the survey in a Rich Text Format version instead of over the Web, please let me know and I'll accommodate you immediately.

Thanks for your help,

Clay Redding

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