At 05:23 PM 6/26/2002 +0200, Laurent Duplouy wrote:
>I've got a problem (other than my bad english)  :
>How to locate file store on differents media in METS ?

The approach you've taken is actually a reasonably sensible one.  In cases
where there are multiple instances of the same data file on different media,
you'd want a METS:file element for each instance.  For instances that are
not online, you could either do what youv'e done, use a file:// URL, or
use some type of persistent identifier (URN?) with an online resolution
that would inform people how to access data files that aren't online.

It looks like you also want to store technical metadata about the media use,
in which case you're pretty much on target with your approach.  Have a single
techMD element for each different media type, each with its own XML ID
(say "AMD1" for delivery CD, "AMD2" for archive CD, and "AMD3" for web
Then each METS:file element could reference the appropriate admin metadata,
i.e., all files on delivery CDs would include "AMD1" in their "ADMID"
attribute, all
archive CD files would reference "AMD2", etc.

In short, it looks like you're on the right track to me.

>Ours image files are on differents storage areas : first on a delivery CD for
>control,  second on magnetic disc for consultation (http:\\ and
>third on a  archive CD (Century-disc) for preservation.
>Because amdSec or fileSec seems to not be provide for, we have to create new
>element or attribute, like :
>first way, use administrative metadata :
>      <METS:techMD ID="ADM1">
>           <METS:mdWrap MDTYPE="OTHER">
>                <METS:xmlData>
>                     <IMD>
>                          <IMGSTORAGE ID="CD01">
>                               <type>CenturyCD</type>
>                               <refmedia>90100034</refmedia>
>                          </IMGSTORAGE>
>                          <IMGSTORAGE ID="CD02">
>                               <type>CD-R</type>
>                               <refmedia>20000738</refmedia>
>                          </IMGSTORAGE>
>                          <IMGSTORAGE ID="MG01">
>                               <type>web</type>
>                               <refmedia></refmedia>
>                          </IMGSTORAGE>
>                     </IMD>
>                </METS:xmlData>
>           </METS:mdWrap MDTYPE="OTHER">
>      </METS:techMD ID="ADM1">
>second way, use file section :
>      <METS:file ID="FID20" MIMETYPE="image/tiff" ADMID="ADM5">
>           <METS:FLocat LOCTYPE="OTHER" typemedia="CenturyCD"
> refmedia="90100034"
>  xlink:href="file://20102355.DIR/20000032.TIF" />
>      </METS:file>
>      <METS:file ID="FID21" MIMETYPE="image/tiff"  ADMID="ADM5">
>           <METS:FLocat LOCTYPE="OTHER" typemedia="CD-R" refmedia="90100034"
>xlink:href="file://20028023.DIR/20000032.TIF" />
>      </METS:file>
>      <METS:file ID="FID22" MIMETYPE="image/tiff" ADMID="ADM5">
>           <METS:FLocat LOCTYPE="URL"
>      </METS:file>
>Want do you think about this?
>Laurent DUPLOUY

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