Hello all,

I just finished reading the METS listserv archive in its entirety.  First
of all, my eyes are quite bleary.  Before I leave the computer, however, I
would like to share a thought:

I think a best practices sort of thing is a super idea.  To some
extent the list archives already represent a set of best practices,
although there are without a
doubt some areas that have yet to be covered and others that need to
be fleshed out more.  It seems to me that it
make sense to mine the archives for areas of consensus - generally
indicated, I would say, by a statement from the METS editorial board
(especially its chair) - and provide them in a condensed form.  This could
be an ongoing project.

I really felt that the METS schema came alive for me while reading the
archive, and it would be nice for people to be able to have this
experience in a more easily digested form.

I think that the three directions being taken by the "best practice
guidelines" ("working towards first practice", 5/17/02 posting) are
superb.  I was going to try to cover
some of these areas in my report to NASA; it is good that there are people
more qualified than me doing such work!

Clay Templeton
Information International Associates, Inc.