Dear PCC members:

I have some questions about how to do citations (670 fields) in authority
records for digital image databases.

Here at the UW we are involved in creating databases of digital images,
most often scanned photographs. We would like to create authority records
for some of the proper names we need for the metadata for these images.
Say we have a series of images of an important early Seattle pioneer named
Joe E. Blow. We can look in various reference sources (city directories,
etc.) to get some information on him, but how do we cite the "work cat"?

1. The databases will eventually be available via WWW, but they will not
be at the time the authority record will be created.

2. The name is not in the database yet, we are creating the heading for
the purpose of putting it in the database, where it will eventually be
found. (Some databases could be in production for months or more than a
year.) All we have are images of someone we know to be Joe E. Blow.

670    Early Seattle photographs, via WWW, July 16, 2002 |b (Joe E. Blow)

(kind of misleading, since we didn't find the name in the database, and
the database is not yet on WWW for others to search)


670    Early Seattle photographs, via WWW, July 16, 2002 |b (name needed
for database)


670    Early Seattle photographs, in production for WWW, July 16, 2002 |b
images of Joe E. Blow (name not given yet)

Should a date be given?? What should go in subfield b?? Any suggestions
would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Diana Brooking             (206) 543-8405
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