Even though you need the name for an entry in the digital database,
presumably the "Joe E. Blow" is based on an entry in a finding aid, a
card in a special collections file, a biographical dictionary, a
caption on a photograph, or something along those lines. I'd use that
as the basis for my 670 on my authority record, not the data in Early
Seattle photographs.

I would say this is a circumstance where "Work cat." is not necessary.
It's all reference works and the database you're building is a
candidate to become a new biographical resource that will used by
others. If you decide you need a 670 from your new image database, and
if "Early Seattle photographs" is the title of the resource, I think
all you need is:

670  Early Seattle photographs, [date of search, or viewed on date] $b

Sherman Clarke
NYU Libraries

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From: "D. Brooking" <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Tuesday, July 16, 2002 4:57 pm
Subject: [PCCLIST] Authority records and digital image databases

> Dear PCC members:
> I have some questions about how to do citations (670 fields) in
> authorityrecords for digital image databases.
> Here at the UW we are involved in creating databases of digital
> images,most often scanned photographs. We would like to create
> authority records
> for some of the proper names we need for the metadata for these
> images.Say we have a series of images of an important early
> Seattle pioneer named
> Joe E. Blow. We can look in various reference sources (city
> directories,etc.) to get some information on him, but how do we
> cite the "work cat"?
> 1. The databases will eventually be available via WWW, but they
> will not
> be at the time the authority record will be created.
> 2. The name is not in the database yet, we are creating the
> heading for
> the purpose of putting it in the database, where it will
> eventually be
> found. (Some databases could be in production for months or more
> than a
> year.) All we have are images of someone we know to be Joe E. Blow.
> 670    Early Seattle photographs, via WWW, July 16, 2002 |b (Joe
> E. Blow)
> (kind of misleading, since we didn't find the name in the
> database, and
> the database is not yet on WWW for others to search)
> OR
> 670    Early Seattle photographs, via WWW, July 16, 2002 |b (name
> neededfor database)
> OR
> 670    Early Seattle photographs, in production for WWW, July 16,
> 2002 |b
> images of Joe E. Blow (name not given yet)
> Should a date be given?? What should go in subfield b?? Any
> suggestionswould be appreciated.  Thank you.
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