> Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 09:43:50 -0400
> From: Ray Denenberg <[log in to unmask]>
> A Sort parameter, might look something like this:
> -----------------
> <sort>
> <sortKey  direction="ascending"> <index>bathTitleWord</index></sortKey>
> <sortKey  direction="ascending">
>     <elementPath schema= "schema identifier">
>                 <element> element1</element>
>                 <element> element2</element>
>                 ....
>     </elementPath>
> </sortKey>
> <sortKey  direction="ascending"> <sortKeyName> title <sortKeyName></sortKey>
> </sort>
> ---------------------

Interesting.  There seems something a bit perverse about having CQL, a
query _language_, which humans can read and type; but then doing the
opposite with sort-specifications, and encoding them in XML.  I would
be inclined at least to think seriously about inventing CSL, a common
_sort_ language.


1. It would be nice.
2. It would be consistent with how we do queries.
3. I could type sort-specification straight into my web/SRW gateway.
4. Theo could more easily URL encode them for use in SRU.

Little languages are good.  They can be neatly targetted at expressing
precisely what you want to express neatly, concisely and intuitively.
Just because everything _can_ be expressed in XML doesn't mean that
everything _should_ be expressed in XML.

Food for thought, I hope, for the meeting.

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