"LeVan,Ralph" wrote:

> > > What should the
> > > default behaviour for an SRW server should be if it receives
> > > a request for more records than allowed? Should the server
> > > ignore the supplied maximumRecords value return as many
> > > records as allowed or return an error message to the client
> > > informing them about the restriction and inviting them to
> > > resubmit a request?
> >
> > The response should include diagnostic 12 (Too many records retrieved)
> > including the maximum allow - also we will consider being able to discover
> > this maximum via the explain service.
> Why isn't just returning the records sufficient?  Why the diagnostic?  If
> the result set has 5 records and they ask for 10, I'm not going to return a
> diagnostic.  The parameter that the client submitted is named
> maximumRecords, not absoluteNumberOfRecords.  It would be wrong to return
> more than that number, but returning fewer records does not deserve a
> diagnostic.

I agree, and I had the same question today when trying to write this up, but the
fact is that my notes clearly indicate someone (and I have "Ralph" annotated)
said it's an error.

I'm going to go with Ralph's suggestion (today's that is) if nobody objects.