I had many of the same problems with WordPerfect.  There appears to be a
pretty severe bug in the program.  I eventually had to abandon using it
and we now use NoteTab instead.  I was never able to figure out how to
stop the crashes, and I had tried it on different operating systems.


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On Wed, 28 Aug 2002, Thiesen, John wrote:

> I'm trying once again to create an EAD finding aid using WP9 and I'm on
> a Win2000 machine. I was able to start an eadcorporate document OK. Then
> I saved it as "berlin.xml"
> Now when I try to reopen it, WP wants to compile a DTD and fails to do
> so because it finds numerous errors. It simply will not let me reopen
> the file.
> Any ideas how to force it to comply?
> Also, I've noticed that any time when I'm working in the document and
> try to do a copy and paste of a few words WP crashes and terminates
> completely. Any ideas how to deal with this?
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