Here's a question that's been pestering me for a while.

Many of the WU collections were indexed all the way to the item level.
However, the format of the indexes, when treated as information can have
odd ramifications for conversion and EAD tagging and I'm curious to see
how others might respond.

See the tagged example of a portion of a <dsc> at the end of the message
for the foundation for
the questions.

1) At the c04 level I have an entry that indexes and gathers physical
descriptions easily together for human reference. The file is arranged
chron, and the alpha name entry (the first in a sequence) is simply there
for human reference purposes. It's not really a file (physically) though
it might be considered one intellectually. What attribute should I use? Or
is the use of this c04 a problem?

2) At the c05 level the file is actually titled using a year date. Within
that c05 are different c06's with month dates and physical descriptions
of individual items.

Ok. So given time and money constraints, that was the best kludge I could
do at the time we converted the finding-aids from paper. However, I'm
beginning to think that the c04 through c06 might better be done in an
<add> within an <index> or a <list>. But then what do I do about the
information describing the physical object?

Are there more or less standard solutions that
would address this puzzle?

Chatham Ewing

<dsc type="combined">
<head>Box and Folder Listing</head>
<c01 level="series">
<unittitle>I. Correspondence. </unittitle>
<physdesc>ca. 11,662 items.</physdesc>
<container type="box-folder">1-35/1-165</container>
<p>Consists of personal, professional and business correspondence,
<unitdate>1935-1984, </unitdate>divided
into two subseries for personal and professional correspondence and
<c02 level="subseries">
<unittitle>I. 1. General correspondence. </unittitle><unitdate>1935-1984
<container type="box-folder">1-16/1-75</container>
<p>Consists of personal and professional correspondence,
divided into subseries for itemized personal and professional
correspondence, as
well as unitemized miscellaneous, family and children's
<c03 level="file">
<unittitle>I. 1. a. Personal and Professional
Correspondence.</unittitle><unitdate>1937-1984, </unitdate>
<physdesc>ca.2878 items.</physdesc>
<container type="box-folder">1-6/1-33.</container>
<p>Consists of itemized correspondence arranged
with undated latters in Box 7/29-33.</p>
<unittitle>Aasgaard, Arne.</unittitle>
<unittitle><unitdate>December 18,</unitdate></unittitle>
<physdesc>1 item (ALS, 2p)</physdesc></did>