Greetings everyone!

The 2002 SAA annual meeting will soon be upon us and in preparation the EAD
Roundtable is soliciting nominees for the offices of Vice Chair/Chair Elect
and Webmaster.  You are welcome to nominate yourself.

Please send nominations to Stephen Miller (current Chair) or Gina Minks
(current Vice Chair).  The election will take place during the EAD
Roundtable meeting.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Stephen Miller  [log in to unmask]                706-583-0213
Gina Minks              [log in to unmask]   918-631-3133

Gina L. B. Minks
Special Collections Librarian
McFarlin Library - University of Tulsa
2933 E. 6th
Tulsa OK  74104-3123
[log in to unmask]
tel: 918-631-3133
fax: 918-631-5022