URBINO, ITALY: October, 9th-11th 2002
EXPERTS’ WORKSHOP ON XML: Urbino, 9th - 11th October

ERPANET, a European Commission funded project, is pleased to announce its second workshop event. It will address the relationship between digital preservation and XML. This event offers experts in this subject the opportunity to take part in an investigation of key topics in digital preservation. 

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XML is increasingly being used as a means for providing access to digital information and for preservation purposes. The focus of this second ERPANET workshop will concentrate on using XML as a tool in preserving the long-term value of this digital information. After introducing some key areas of digital preservation (metadata and trusted repositories), the workshop will facilitate a forum for discussing the strengths and weaknesses of XML. Practical experiences so far, issues with respect to different types of digital objects, and XML in the context of digital preservation strategies will be covered. 

The workshop will focus on sixfive main areas:
-	Introduction in digital preservation (some principles) and the possible/potential role of XML
-	The role of XML as an exchange standard (e.g. METS) for distributed archives 
-	XML as a preservation strategy (San Diego project; persistent objects), including different types of digital objects.
-	Some practical experiences 
-	Preservation metadata and XML
-	Issues that should be further explored, investigated (building the research agenda further)

Who will benefit from attending the seminar?
-	Digital Information providers
-	Digital Information archivists
-	IT practitioners and experts
-	Public sector bodies
-	Content providers
-	Organisations with a stake in the long-term preservation of digital objects

Benefits from attendance include:
-	Discussion of XML as a preservation strategy
-	An understanding of the variety of uses of XML
-	Access to practical examples and case studies
-	Interaction with experts and practitioners
-	Knowledge of tools for access
-	Knowledge of tools for preservation


Opening: 9th October at 9.30
Closing: 11th October at 16:30 

Introductory speakers will include among others Andreas Rauber (ECDL), representatives from S.Diego Supercomputer Center, Ministero dell’economia e delle finanze. Specific experience will also be presented. 

Venue: Facolta' di giuridsprudenza, Aula magna, Urbino

To register:
Registration costs: 100 Euros. To receive joining instructions, please register before 20th September at:
For more details, contact: [log in to unmask]



TRAVEL: How to reach Urbino

By train from Rome to Ancona (and then to Pesaro). At Pesaro station you will find a bus (each hour) to Urbino. From Rome to Urbino it will take approximately 5 hours

By bus from Rome directly to Urbino: the bus leaves from Stazione Tiburtina at 7.15 a.m. or at 4 p.m., Piazzale degli autobus. The company is BUCCI

By plane to the airport of Ancona (then by train to Pesaro)

A special bus will be organised on 7th morning and on 9th morning at the station of Fossato di Vico to reach Urbino (the train from Rome leaves at 7.37 and takes 2 hours, the bus will take one hour). It will be necessary to reserve the bus by sending an e-mail to [log in to unmask]

Is it possible to take a taxi from Fossato to Urbino: it takes 1 hour and costs (by a convention with ERPANET project) 45 euros. We could make the reservation directly: (39)333.3649893

A special agreement has been made with the main hotels in Urbino for ERPANET seminar:

Albergo Italia Garibaldi, 32 61029 Urbino tel.07222701 fax 0722322664
	Single room: euros 34,00 or 41,00
	Double room: euros 55,00

Hotel Bonconte, Via delle Mura, 28 61029 Urbino tel. 07222463  fax 07224782
	Single room: euros 31,00 or 44,00
	Double room: euros 52,00 or 62,00 or 73,00

- Hotel San Domenico Piazzale Rinascimento 61029 Urbino tel. 07222626 fax 07222727- 07222666
Business room  euros 48,00
Executive room  euros 59,00
De Luxe room    euros 70,00

Business double room           euros 83,00
DeLuxe e Executive double room euros 93,00


Vincenzo De Meo

Vincenzo De Meo
ERPANET Italian Editor
Università di Urbino
Via Varese 20,
00181 Roma
tel. +390644700750