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It would be useful for us to know who is unable to get to the FLICC
video library on our Website so that we can determine how we will
provide this information in an alternative way.  Of course the topics
covered by the first two videos on FEDLINK changes for FY2003 are also
being covered in our TechNotes issues and Alerts, but we were hoping to
augment that with these Web-based videos.

If you cannot successfully view any of the videos now on our Website at, please send an email to Robin
Hatziyannis at [log in to unmask] to report the problem.  That way we will
have a better sense of the extent of the problem before we determine the
appropriate solution.

Our goal in moving to Web video this year was to extend the results of
the effort that goes into the How to Use FEDLINK session to our FEDLINK
users around the world.  We need to know whom we will still be missing
with this approach.

Thanks, Carol, for your comment.    -Susan

Susan M. Tarr, Executive Director
Federal Library and Information Center Committee
The Library of Congress
Washington, DC  20540-4935
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Those of us with firewalls that deny streaming videos will not be able
see this online.

Carol E. Ramkey
Director of Libraries
Gray Research Center
Marine Corps University
703-784-4409  DSN:278
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Subject: How To Use FEDLINK Videos

How to Use FEDLINK in 2003 Will Be a Video Instead of an Event

After FEDLINK's recent successes with cybercasting and developing its
educational video library (
<> ), the annual How to Use
event will now be made into video segments highlighting recent program
developments.  Customers will be able to hear and see the latest
updates without leaving their offices.

The first two segments, on FEDLINK's new Direct Express pilot and
issues will be released at the end of August.  Check the "What's New"
Section of the FLICC Web site for the latest new and updates on these
other video releases.