> Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 18:12:18 +0100
> From: Robert Sanderson <[log in to unmask]>
> > The problem I'm having is that I no longer remember how we thought we
> > could distinguish between "first-characters-in-field" and
> > "first-words-in-field" searches in Bath.  In other words, what would
> > we have to put into the search term in order to indicate "incomplete
> > subfield"?
> > bath.titleExact            would be   bath.title="search term"
> > bath.titleFirstCharacters  would be   bath.title="search term*"
> > bath.titleFirstWords       would be   bath.title="<what?>"
> > Were we specifying the "firstWords" search with proximity?
> That would make sense, but is pretty ugly for a term which has many words.
>     bath.titleWord="search" prox/word/1 bath.titleWord="term" prox...
> As we have ""ed terms, isn't firstWords actually:
>     bath.title="search term *"
> as the whitespace is meangingfull?

I have no _constructive_ comment to make about this, but I just want
to register my uneasiness about all these semantics getting crammed
into the qualifier names.  If we want to be able to specify things
like "truncate each word of this term rather than the term as a
whole", then I think we should have syntax that spells out how to do
it explicitly and uniformly, rather than relying on a set of informal,
easily transgressed, conventions on qualifer-name construction.

> > > *  Are index/index set names case sensitive or not?
> > > Are 'Title' and 'title' the same index? I looked but couldn't find it in
> My preference is for case insensitive, especially for situations
> when users type in their own CQL, or typos in Specification
> documents :)

I agree, for the same reasons.

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