I'm doing one right now, for the first time!!

I've penciled an outline of my record group titles and series.  Using
XMetal in tandem with Notetab, I'm drafting the thing as I go along. I plan
to fill in the <dsc> first and then go back to fill in the blanks in
<archdesc> once I have the summaries of date, extent, subject headings, etc.

I'd be interested in hearing how other people are doing this too.

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At 08:32 AM 9/12/02 -0600, you wrote:
>What methods do people have for creating NEW finding aids in EAD? I
>dread the thought of creating in MS Word as usual and then converting.
>I'm sure others have worked out better methods; I'd appreciate hearing
>about them. Thanks in advance for sharing.
>Patty Rettig
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