You may wish to view the University of Illinois OAI project website.  We
use Xpointer extensively in dealing with EAD files.  There is an article I
wrote about it and some links to code at this site:

(Please note that at the time I wrote this message, the server was down.)


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On Sat, 14 Sep 2002, Bob Walser wrote:

> I'm preparing to implement internal linking in a single massive EAD
> document. Xpointer and Xlink appear to be the tools I need, but my
> seat-of-the-pants attempts at using them aren't working. Can anyone point
> me to  either 1) good references where I can learn about them, I'm
> moderately geeky but trained as an ethnomusicologist, not a programmer; or
> 2) sites that are currently using these tools. I'd particularly like to see
> bits of  XSL that deal with these two technologies in an EAD context.
> Thanks very much,
> Bob Walser
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