New stylesheets for the EAD Cookbook are being written for compatibility
with EAD 2002.   The structure of the new stylesheets is quite different
from that of the existing ones in several respects.   One of the principal
changes will be to separate out the part of the stylesheet that deals with
the dsc from the base stylesheet that handles the "high-level" elements.
Six different options will be available for the dsc.

One change that is relevant to Leah's question is that in one option, the
column headings to which she refers, will be set by the value of the TYPE
attribute in the container elements rather than being of a fixed content
such as "Box" or "Folder".   This will allow the display to change whenever
the container type changes as well as making them more generic as to the
type of the container.

I suppose that it would be possible to replace the fixed display in the
existing stylesheets.

Try replacing ones that look this

<xsl:template name="showbox-c02-boxplusfolder">
<b><font size="-1">
<td><b><font size="-1">

With this

<xsl:template name="showbox-c02-boxplusfolder">
<b><font size="-1">
<xsl:value-of select="container[1]/@type"/>
<td><b><font size="-1">
<xsl:value-of select="container[2]/@type"/>

The new stylesheets should be easier to edit and will be considerably more
compact and generic.


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I have edited one of the cookbook .xsl stylesheets to meet our needs, but I
am faced with one last change that I have not yet had success with.

We have a number of collections that include series of volumes (such as
logbooks, or account books, etc.) that are not in boxes and so we would like
to have the locator be "volume" instead of "box" and "folder".  I tried
copying the section of the stylesheet for box-folder combinations where I
replaced every instance of "box-folder" with "volume" hoping that that might
work.  I have an xml document which has a series with box and folder numbers
and then a series of volumes where the container element is coded as
"volume" (which according to the tag library is legal).

Does the template for volumes need to come before the box and folder
templates, or does this not make a difference?  If anyone has done this or
something like this successfully, I would be very grateful to not have to
reinvent the wheel, even if it is passing up a valuable learning experience


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