I am the librarian at the American Hungarian Foundation in New
Brunswick, New Jersey and am new to all of this.

We have a web site at
(which I did not create)

We have cataloged two  of our archival collections and have finding aids
for them.
We would like to put them online.

I have never used EAD or XML and need basic information on how to start.

The Encoded Archival Description TAg Library seems a good place to start.
Is there software you can buy that  gives you templates online.  I heard
of  XMETAL but am not sure where to order it from.  Is this a useful
product.  Do you have to order it or can it be downloaded.?

Thanks for all your help.

Margaret Papai

Kris Kiesling wrote:

> All,
> The EAD 2002 Tag Library is so new that it hasn't been added yet to
> the online SAA publications catalog.  However, I am happy to forward
> the following information from Teresa Brinati, Director of
> Publications at SAA:
> Version 2002
> Prepared by the Encoded Archival Description Working Group of the
> Society of
> American Archivists and the
> Network Development and MARC Standards Office of the Library of Congress
> An essential tool for archivists, librarians, and allied professionals
> who
> either are learning EAD for the first time or converting their finding
> aids
> from Version 1.0 to EAD 2002. The Tag Library lists and defines all
> EAD 2002
> elements and attributes, and indicates their relationships to one
> another.
> Tagged examples illustrate the use of each element. A narrative overview
> explains major components of the EAD structure.
> Published by the Society of American Archivists (August 2002)
> 314 pp. soft cover / product code 343
> SAA members: $26 / nonmembers $31
> plus shipping
> --------------------------------
> To order your copy of
> contact the SAA Publications Department at:
> mailto:[log in to unmask]
> or 312/922-0140 ext. 21
> ---------------------------------
> More than 170 titles are available in the
> You can also no doubt use the online order form in the catalog.
> Kris
> Kris Kiesling
> Chair, SAA EAD Working Group
> Coordinator, Technical and Digital Services and
> Head, Department of Manuscripts and Archives
> Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center
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