I am the librarian at the American Hungarian Foundation in New Brunswick, New Jersey and am new to all of this.

We have a web site at
(which I did not create)

We have cataloged two  of our archival collections and have finding aids for them.
We would like to put them online.

I have never used EAD or XML and need basic information on how to start.

The Encoded Archival Description TAg Library seems a good place to start.
Is there software you can buy that  gives you templates online.  I heard of  XMETAL but am not sure where to order it from.  Is this a useful product.  Do you have to order it or can it be downloaded.?

Thanks for all your help.

Margaret Papai

Kris Kiesling wrote:
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The EAD 2002 Tag Library is so new that it hasn't been added yet to the online SAA publications catalog.  However, I am happy to forward the following information from Teresa Brinati, Director of Publications at SAA:

Version 2002
Prepared by the Encoded Archival Description Working Group of the Society of
American Archivists and the
Network Development and MARC Standards Office of the Library of Congress
An essential tool for archivists, librarians, and allied professionals who
either are learning EAD for the first time or converting their finding aids
from Version 1.0 to EAD 2002. The Tag Library lists and defines all EAD 2002
elements and attributes, and indicates their relationships to one another.
Tagged examples illustrate the use of each element. A narrative overview
explains major components of the EAD structure.
Published by the Society of American Archivists (August 2002)
314 pp. soft cover / product code 343
SAA members: $26 / nonmembers $31
plus shipping
To order your copy of
contact the SAA Publications Department at:
mailto:[log in to unmask]
or 312/922-0140 ext. 21
More than 170 titles are available in the

You can also no doubt use the online order form in the catalog.


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