On 09/04/2002 04:41:04 AM Keld Jørn Simonsen wrote:

>> I'm curious to know when that might occur, and what it would take for a
>> need to be perceived.
>I can't tell about that. One thing is what we stipulate in standards,
>another whein it is supported.

Yes, I realise that saying something should be done doesn't mean it has
already happened.

>I see what you mean. But I think it is recognised in the community
>that 3-letter language codes are a need.

I'm glad to hear that. I hope that thinking becomes widespread and leads to
widespread implementation, and this sooner than later.

>At least we are doing it in IS 15897. But standards take time. I think
>that standard will materialise maybe 2 years from now....

>>Are they any less valid candidates for
>> identification of resources in unix/posix/c/c++/java than Walloon? By no
>> means.

Again, I'm glad to know you're in agreement. Given your involvment in
development of standards that influence at least some software
implementations, I'm reassured to know that you desire to see things move
in a direction I think is needed.

Thanks for the feedback.

- Peter

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