Well, let's walk before we run. What Jinfang Niu ("Jane" at end) is
requesting information about is a full archiving system, but her practical
steps sound very reasonably  like the creation of SIPs  in the OAIS
model.  That sounds to me like a sufficiently challenging first step, as
there isn't yet a body of experience about that.  No one is offering an
archiving service, which would by definition would implement an AIP (and
DIP) capability; but if we start intelligently preparing SIPs we should be
well positioned when archiving services open their virtual doors.

Of course the proof of the pudding of an SIP is an effective DIP, but
that's a very high standard of demonstration at the moment.  --pg

Reagan Moore wrote:

> This is a reasonable approach.  The other half of the problem is the
> management of the digital entities after they have been transformed
> into AIPs.  What technology do you plan to use to organize
> information to support discovery, what types of storage management
> infrastructure do you plan, what will you do about replication for
> disaster recovery, what types of knowledge management do you envision?
> Reagan Moore

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