We are working on a project trying to guarantee the long-term preservation of digital resources in mathematic field.
Following are my thoughts of building up a digital preservation system using both OAIS and METS, I hope to get some suggestions from 
experts. Please point out the errors and forgive my ignorance. 

1. use OAIS reference model as the system architecture. that's to say, our preservation system will include all the modules OAIS reference model has proposed.

2. use METS as the encoding standard for metadata. Although METS organizes the metadata in a different way from what OAIS information model has proposed, it provides "sockets" for almost all the information OAIS information model has proposed according to Thomas Clay Templeton and Jerome McDonough. they stated their opinions about OAIS and METS in the mailing list of METS recently. 

3. use the element set of Library of Congress Audio-Visual Prototyping Project , because it is one of the proposed administrative metadata schemes on the METS website, it has almost all the information OAIS information model has proposed, and the organization of its elements tallies well with METS. our own descriptive metadata about mathematic resources.