Hi Jinfang and Jerome,

Just an FYI that the Fedora spec document has been
updated... all the latest Fedora info (including
the spec with a description of how this is used,
more recent sample objects, and some more recent 
presentations on the system) can be found at

Chris Wilper
UVA & Cornell Fedora Project Developer

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At 09:55 AM 9/12/2002 +0800, you wrote:
>I am not very clear about the function of the behavior section of METS.
>is it like the metadata in the DMD section and AMD section that can be
>linked to
>a METS object?
>I want to hear that if there are any examples using the behavior section?

It's slightly different than DMD/AMD.  The idea of the behavior section was
to be
able to identify executable code/software needed to view the METS object
(or part
of a METS object).  A behavior has two major subcomponents: 1.
interfaceDef, which
should be used to provide information about an API for the executable code
(typically using something like WSDL), and 2. mechanism, which points to an
executable module/web server.  The people who have done the  most active
using this facility are the FEDORA project participants at UVA and Cornell.
If you follow the links at
particularly the one to the FEDORA spec, you'll get a better idea of how it's
being used.

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